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Dr. Sonal Dalal

Renal Transplant · Acute kidney failure


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Sterling Hospitals, Gurukul

Gujarat, India



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Sterling Hospital Nilmani Society Memnagar Ahmedabad Ahmedabad Gujarat India


Experience Exceptional Nephrology Care with Dr. Sonal Dalal When it comes to world-class nephrology expertise, look no further than Dr. Sonal Dalal, our esteemed director, and a true pioneer in the field. With an impressive track record of over 25 years, Dr. Dalal has consistently demonstrated unparalleled dedication to her patients and groundbreaking advancements in nephrology. Renal Transplant Expertise Dr. Sonal Dalal's remarkable career has seen her successfully perform over 1000 renal transplants, including 100+ ABO renal transplants. Her unmatched proficiency in this critical area ensures that patients receive the best care available for their kidney health. A Leader in Clinical Research Dr. Dalal's contributions go beyond clinical practice. She has been the primary investigator in more than 50 clinical trials, continually advancing our understanding of kidney-related conditions and treatments. Pioneering Cadaver Donor Transplants Dr. Sonal Dalal is recognized as the driving force behind the Cadaver Donor Transplant program in Gujarat. Her groundbreaking work has expanded the horizons of kidney transplantation, providing hope and improved outcomes for countless patients. Why Choose Dr. Sonal Dalal? Over 25 years of dedicated experience Expert in renal transplants, including ABO transplants Leading clinical researcher with 50+ trials Pioneer of the Cadaver Donor Transplant program Ready to experience the highest level of nephrology care? Request an appointment with Dr. Sonal Dalal today. Take the first step toward better kidney health, supported by a true leader in the field. Your journey to improved kidney wellness begins here.