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    Dr. Stefan Ockert

    Carotid Surgery · Thoracic endovascular aortic repair (TEVAR)

    25 Yrs

    AndreasKlinik Cham Zug

    Zug, Switzerland






    Medical staff


    If you have problems with your main artery (the Aorta), you need to see Prof. Dr. Stefan Ockert. He is very good at treating these problems, and he successfully learned how to be a surgeon at the University Hospital in Mannheim. His specialties lie on: • Surgery on the main artery (Aorta) • Stroke treatment and prevention with carotid artery thromboendarterectomy (carotid TEA) • Combination operations in the pelvic leg area • Vascular bypass surgery • Elimination of peripheral vasodilation via conventional open and endovascular procedures • Conventional open and endovascular treatment for a blocked artery • Aortic and supra-aortic or visceral artery hybrid operations. Prof. Dr. Stefan Ockert is a member of the Munich Center for Aortic Diseases, which he started (in cooperation with the department of vascular surgery at Klinikum Rechts der Isar, the Technical University of Munich, and the German Heart Centre Munich). In 2012, Prof. Dr. Stefan Ockert relocated to Switzerland, where he began working as the Lucerne Cantonal Hospital's deputy chief physician and co-chief physician. He expanded the endovascular aortic surgery and introduced new endovascular treatments while at the hospital. Prof. Dr. Stefan. Ockert has been a professor of Vascular Surgery at the Technical University of Munich since 2018 and is frequently involved in student research and teaching. He places a high value on medical skills and human knowledge, and patients benefit from his nearly 24 years of experience as a vascular surgeon. You can rest assured that your preparation, treatment, and follow-up will be done to the highest standards by him.