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Dr. Stefan Weindel

Acne scars · Aesthetic hand surgery

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Klinik Stephanshorn

Sankt Gallen, Switzerland






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Brauerstrasse 95, 9016 St. Gallen, Switzerland


Dr. Stefan Weindel is a specialist at Klinik Stephanshorn. He graduated from the University of Ulm and successfully acquired his medical degree. He then completed further training in general surgery from FMH, followed by training in Plastic, reconstructive, aesthetic surgery and hand surgery from the same teaching hospital. Dr. Stefan Weindel is a Specialist in Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgery and Hand Surgery. He has a particular clinical interest in Acne scars and Aesthetic hand surgery. The most common functional impairments of the hand Dr. Stefan Weindel treat include Arthrosis on the wrist and fingers, including joint replacement, Wrist denervation/infiltration, Ganglion/cyst removal, Carpal tunnel syndrome (nerve compression syndrome), Scaphoid fracture, Tendonitis and nerve injuries. In reconstructive surgery, he deals with restoring the body surface after tumor operations or accidents, correcting congenital deformities and burns surgery. Some of the reconstructive surgeries include Breast gland removal in men, breast reconstruction, skin and tissue tumor removal, microsurgery on nerves and vessels, and scar correction. The most commonly performed interventions in aesthetic surgery by Dr. Stefan Weindel's work includes Abdominal wall surgery, Facelift, Wrinkle therapy with botox, Filler or Skin abrasion, Liposuction, Lip augmentation and Rhinoplasty. He also performs breast lift, augmentation and reduction. Dr. Stefan Weindel is not only an excellent clinician and surgeon, but he has also taken part in various research work. He has many research articles published to his name. He is a member of multiple medical and surgical associations, including the German specialist societies for aesthetic surgery. Dr. Stefan Weindel is also fluent in German, English and French.