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Dr. Stephan Roth

Reconstructive Urology · Prostate cancer

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Helios University Hospital Wuppertal

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Heusnerstraße 40, 42283 Wuppertal, Germany


Dr. Stephan Roth is one of the most professional urologists at Helios University Hospital, Wuppertal. He is a specialist in urological surgery, prostate cancer, and urology. He also treats the patient's reproductive system including, testes, scrotum, prostate, and penis. Dr. Stephan Roth got his degree in medicine from RWTH Aachen University, a public research university located in Aachen, Germany. He is currently working as the director of the Clinic for Urology and Pediatric Urology too. GREAT CLINICAL EXPERIENCE OF DR. STEPHAN ROTH Dr. Stephan Roth is an expert and highly skilled in the field of urology. He has vast experience in reconstructive urology and prostate cancer. He is also an expert in robotic and open surgery who provides care in reconstructive urology, including treatment for men's health and infertility, kidney stones, urinary division, enlarged prostate treatment, female incontinence, urethral strictures, and neurogenic bladder. Dr. Stephan Roth proficiently carries out the advanced surgery for reconstructive urology to restore functions by rerouting, repairing, or recreating the upper and lower urinary tract and reproductive organs. The prostate cancer occurs in a tiny walnut-shaped gland in the pelvis of men. It is located very close to the bladder and can be examined by Dr. Stephen Roth using a computerized rectal test. For several conditions, he is the most trustworthy urologist for you to choose for your surgical procedures, such as: • Reconstruction of the urethra to repair urethral strictures and remove scar tissues • Restoration of a natural appearance in men with Peyronie's disease • Correction of severe penile deformities Dr. Stephan Roth provides individualized comprehensive examinations and treatment options. All his treatments are always safe and effective, resulting in the complete recovery of the patients.