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    Dr. Suchi Pande

    Glaucoma · Lens Implantation

    Worldeye Amsterdam

    Noord-Holland, Netherlands


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    Dr. Suchi Pande is a well-trained ophthalmologist at Worldeye Amsterdam Hospital. He has professional experience for several years in the field. He is a diligent and skilled specialist. She is known to be highly qualified and gained a degree from a reputed educational institute. Dr. Suchi Pande received her ophthalmologist degree in the year 2000 in India. She then completed a Fellowship in General Ophthalmology in 2001, and a Fellowship in Glaucoma in 2002. She has built up extensive work experience in India, in various eye hospitals, as well as working extensively with eye care charities. A.o. in areas where eye care is poorly available due to limited infrastructure and long distances. In the Netherlands, she was hired as a highly-skilled migrant in 2010 in the eye department of Noordwest Hospital, Alkmaar. She is an expert in H lens implant ology, cataracts, and glaucoma.