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    Dr. Suji Ban

    Skin Treatment

    Soon Plus Plastic Surgery

    Seoul, South Korea






    Medical staff


    Dr. Soo-ji Ban is a highly skilled and experienced physician with extensive knowledge in the field of dermatology. She utilizes efficient communication techniques to identify and address individual patient concerns, providing tailored and appropriate treatments. Dr. Soo-ji Ban is a Regular member of the following association. · Korean Aesthetic Surgery & Laser Society · Korean Academy Of Aesthetic Medicine · The Korean Society Fof The Study Of Obesity · The Korean Association of Family Physicians · Korean Academy of Obesity & Aesthetic Treatment Dr. Soo-ji Ban's top medical Specialties · Laser Lift · Pigmentation Laser · Laser Treatment For Scars · Filler / Botox Her area of expertise lies in laser treatments such as lifting, pigment correction, and scar reduction, as well as filler and Botox injections. Dr. Soo-ji Ban thoroughly assesses each patient's skin condition to determine the most suitable course of treatment, delivering natural-looking results that enhance patient confidence and fulfill their aesthetic desires. Dr. Soo-ji Ban's treatments consistently yield excellent outcomes while prioritizing patient safety, ensuring that only safe procedures with no adverse effects are performed. She remains dedicated to delivering high-quality care and meeting the unique needs of each patient.