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Dr. Suleyman Gunes

Intravenous anesthesia · General anesthesia

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11 31035. Sokak Atatürk Mezitli Mersin Türkiye


Do you like the idea of having a compassionate and skilled doctor by your side during medical procedures? Look no further! Dr. Suleyman Gunes is here to provide top-notch anesthesia care tailored just for you. With extensive expertise in various areas, Dr. Gunes guarantees your comfort and safety throughout the entire process. Here's a glimpse into his impressive areas of experience that will put your mind at ease: General Anesthesia: Rest assured, Dr. Gunes is highly proficient in administering general anesthesia, ensuring you have a pain-free experience during surgeries. Anesthesia in Neonatal and Pediatric Surgery: Your little ones deserve specialized care, and Dr. Gunes excels in providing safe and effective anesthesia for the tiniest patients. Obstetric Anesthesia: Expecting mothers, rejoice! Dr. Gunes is your go-to expert for anesthesia during childbirth, ensuring a smooth and comfortable experience for both you and your baby. Anesthesia in Orthopedic Surgeries: Dr. Gunes understands the unique challenges of orthopedic procedures and will tailor anesthesia to meet your specific needs. Anesthesia in All Laparoscopic Operations: Dr. Gunes specializes in laparoscopic surgeries and will keep you pain-free and comfortable throughout these minimally invasive procedures. Anesthesia in Cardiovascular Surgery: Trust Dr. Gunes to provide comprehensive anesthesia care during cardiovascular surgeries, prioritizing your well-being and peace of mind. Regional Anesthesia: Experience painless births, spinal and epidural anesthesia, and periphyric nerve blocks with Dr. Gunes' expertise. Your comfort is his priority. Acute Pain Treatment: Dr. Gunes is dedicated to relieving your immediate post-operative pain, ensuring a speedy recovery and enhanced well-being. CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation): Feel safe knowing that Dr. Gunes is certified in CPR, prepared to provide life-saving measures if necessary. Your safety is his utmost priority. Education-wise, Dr. Gunes is a proud alumnus of Erciyes University Faculty of Medicine (Undergraduate, 2005) and Cukurova University Faculty of Medicine (Anesthesiology and Reanimation Specialization, 2011). His extensive training guarantees top-level care backed by the latest medical knowledge. 📚 So, whether you're preparing for surgery, welcoming a new life, or in need of pain management, Dr. Suleyman Gunes is the compassionate professional you need. Book your appointment today and experience peace of mind throughout your medical journey. 🌟💙👨‍⚕️ Meet Dr. Suleyman Gunes: Your Compassionate Anesthesia Expert! 🌟 Welcome to a world of exceptional care, where your well-being is in the hands of a skilled professional. Dr. Suleyman Gunes is a highly regarded anesthesiologist with a wealth of experience in various specialized areas. As you embark on your health journey, trust in Dr. Gunes to provide you with top-notch care and comprehensive expertise. Areas of Expertise: General Anesthesia: Dr. Gunes ensures your comfort and safety during surgical procedures by administering general anesthesia with precision and care. Neonatal and Pediatric Anesthesia: Entrust your little ones to Dr. Gunes, who specializes in providing gentle anesthesia for surgeries tailored to meet the unique needs of newborns and children. Obstetric Anesthesia: Experience peace of mind during childbirth as Dr. Gunes expertly administers anesthesia to ensure optimal pain relief and a smooth delivery process. Orthopedic Surgery Anesthesia: Count on Dr. Gunes to manage your anesthesia needs during orthopedic procedures, guiding you through the entire process with the utmost skill and attention. Laparoscopic Operation Anesthesia: With Dr. Gunes by your side, rest assured that your anesthesia requirements for laparoscopic surgeries will be handled effectively, allowing you to focus on a speedy recovery. Cardiovascular Surgery Anesthesia: Dr. Gunes brings his expertise to the operating table, delivering the highest level of care and monitoring during cardiovascular surgeries, prioritizing your heart health above all else. Regional Anesthesia: Discover the benefits of painless birth, spinal and epidural anesthesia, and peripheral nerve blocks under the gentle guidance of Dr. Gunes, ensuring a comfortable experience throughout. Acute Pain Treatment: Dr. Gunes specializes in managing acute pain, utilizing modern techniques and personalized approaches to alleviate discomfort and optimize your recovery process. CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation): Trained in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, Dr. Gunes is equipped to lend a life-saving hand in emergency situations, always ready to rescue and revive with expertise. Education: Dr. Suleyman Gunes boasts an impressive academic background: 2005: Erciyes University Faculty of Medicine (Undergraduate) 2011: Cukurova University Faculty of Medicine (Anesthesiology, and Reanimation Specialization) Choose Dr. Suleyman Gunes - Your Partner in Health!