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    Dr. Sung-Han Nam

    Hair Transplantation · Fill up Hair Grafting (Hair loss in Woman)

    Global Plastic Surgery Group

    Seoul, South Korea


    Foundation year


    Dr. Sung-Han Nam is the Stem Cell Center Director/Plastic Surgery Specialist in the Global Hair Transplant Center Department at the Global Plastic Surgery Group. He specialize in Stem cell, hair transplant, anti-aging (pain LACS). He performs also known as stem cell hair transplant, it is suited for people suffering from moderate to heavy hair loss. In the stem cell hair growth treatment, doctors first extract some hair follicles from the scalp. These follicles are later cultured in a laboratory to produce more cells. By taking a few hundred follicles, thousands of new hair follicles can be produced. Later, these stem cells are carefully injected into the scalp. Dr. Sung-Han Nam is the Adjunct Professor of Applied Anatomy at The Catholic University of Korea. He is a member of the International Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Training Institute Education Committee. Medical bio evaluation clinic. He is the Chairman of the Environment, Culture, Health and Medical Promotion Agency and the Deliberation Committee Chairman at the Korea Beauty Equipment Cooperative.