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Dr. Sung Kyun Hwang

Brain tumor · Endovascular coiling

Ewha Womans University Mokdong Hospital

Seoul, South Korea


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911-1 Mok-dong, Yangcheon-gu, Seoul, South Korea


A brain tumor is a lump or development of aberrant cells in the brain. There are multiple types of brain tumors; some tumors are cancerous (malignant), while others may be noncancerous (benign). The tumor may begin in the brain (primary brain tumor) or spread from other parts of the body (secondary brain tumor). A Neurosurgeon is a special healthcare provider who can diagnose the type of tumor and treats it accordingly. Dr. Sung Kyun Hwang is a seasoned and proficient Neurosurgeon with a special interest in Cerebrovascular Surgery, Endovascular coiling, Neuro-oncology (Brain tumor), and Head trauma. He is currently associated with Ewha Womans University Mokdong Hospital, South Korea. Dr. Sung Kyun Hwang graduated from Seoul National University College of Medicine, which is one of the finest medical colleges in South Korea. Followed by bachelor's degree, he also earned his MD (Doctor of Medicine) and Master’s degree from the College of Medicine, Seoul National University. Dr. Sung Kyun Hwang is the most sought-after Neurosurgeon and has successfully performed Endovascular coiling for many of his patients. This procedure is used to block blood flow into the brain aneurysms. Endovascular coiling is regarded as an attractive option for treating aneurysms because it is achieved in lesser time and does not require the opening of the skull. Besides his decades of clinical accomplishments, Dr. Sung Kyun Hwang has published several research papers related to neurosurgery, brain tumors, and intracerebral hemorrhage. Dr Sung Kyun Hwang actively participates in national and international conferences related to his specialty and shares his diverse knowledge and vast experience with other neurosurgeons.