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Dr. Sung-Wan Kim

Larynx Disorders · Snoring

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Kyung Hee University Medical Center

Seoul, South Korea








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23 Kyungheedae-ro, Hoegi-dong, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul, South Korea


Dr. Sung-Wan Kim is a professor of the respiratory system at Kyung Hee University and a specialist doctor at Kyung Hee University Medical Center. His areas of expertise are larynx disorders and snoring. Laryngology is a part of medication that deals with sicknesses and wounds of the larynx. It is a unique part of otolaryngology, which centers around the ear, nose, and throat. Kyung Hee University Medical University provides state-of-the-art facilities for thoracic surgeries. Dr. Sung-Wan is part of the prestigious faculty members available on call at the hospital. As a researcher, Dr. Sung-Wan Kim has done extensive research in respiratory disorders and snoring. He aims to provide the best professional care to his patients and provide the least harmful treatment to them. He strives for the betterment of patient facilities. All of his patients feel satisfied after the treatment. He discusses the patient’s case with him and provides them consultation to be well-aware of the post-surgery conditions. He also observes the post-surgery health conditions of patients so that there are no complications. As a teacher, Dr. Sung-Wan Kim’s aim is, for every single alumni understudy, to fulfill socially-expected needs, to foster the full capacity to achieve logical exploration, to acquire clinical information and method, and to build up morals to execute clinical exploration by logical reasoning and cycles. As a colleague, he encourages a friendly environment where everyone can openly discuss any medical case with him and provide his opinion. He is well-known for his serene nature, and students and faculty teachers feel comfortable in his presence.