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Dr. Sureyya Mentes

Irregular menstrual cycles · General gynecology

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Acibadem Fulya Hospital

Istanbul, Turkey








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Dikilitas, Hakki Yeten Cd. No:23, 34349 Besiktas/Istanbul, Turkey


Dr. Sureyya Mentes is a renowned gynecologist at Acibadem Fulya Hospital. He is a member of various organizations and associations, including TJOD (Turkish Gynecology and Obstetrics Association), Istanbul Medical Chamber, and Perinatology Association. EDUCATION AND GREAT MEDICAL EXPERIENCE OF DR. SUREYYA MENTES Dr. Sureyya Mentes has received education at the premier institute. He graduated from Istanbul University Istanbul Faculty of Medicine in 1972. In 1981, he went to Haseki Training and Research Hospital for a specialization in gynecology and obstetrics. From 1982-1984, Dr. Sureyya Mentes worked at Jinemed Complete and Treatment Center. In 1984, he started working as a Private Doctor’s Office Management. From 1992-2000, he worked at Istanbul VK V American Hospital. He started working at Acibadem Fulya Hospital in 2007 and offers his services 40-50 hours per week. He attends emergency calls on all weekdays. His selflessness and dedication to the profession are what make him remarkable. TOP MEDICAL SPECIALTIES PROVIDED BY DR. SUREYYA MENTES Dr. Sureyya Mentes provides a wide range of medical specialties. The top medical specialties offered by him are irregular menstrual cycles and general gynecology. He is also trained in performing microwave endometrial ablation. Dr. Sureyya Mentes performs the above procedures with great precision and accuracy. He has treated a record number of national and international patients with a high success rate. He has received worldwide recognition for his patient-centric and holistic approach. The safety of the patients is his top priority. He follows all medical protocols and provides care of international standards.