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Dr. Surya Bhan

Total knee replacement · Elbow Arthroplasty


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Phase 1 HAF-B Sector 12 Dwarka Dwarka New Delhi South West Delhi Delhi Division Delhi India


Prof. Dr. Surya Bhan: Leading Orthopedic Surgeon and Joint Replacement Specialist at Medeor Hospital, Delhi Dr. Surya Bhan is a highly esteemed orthopedic surgeon and joint replacement specialist with an illustrious career spanning over 40 years. He is renowned for his expertise and exceptional contributions to the field of orthopedics and joint replacement. Dr. Surya Bhan has brought his renowned skills to Medeor Hospital in Delhi. Educational Background: MBBS: Dr. Surya Bhan completed his Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degree. Diploma in Orthopaedics: He pursued a Diploma in Orthopaedics as a part of his postgraduate education. MS - Orthopaedics: Dr. Surya Bhan obtained his Master of Surgery (MS) in Orthopedics, further enhancing his orthopedic skills. FRCS - General Surgery Orthopaedic Surgeon: He holds the prestigious Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons (FRCS) in General Surgery, specializing in orthopedics. Professional Achievements: Dr. Surya Bhan has had an illustrious career and has achieved significant milestones in the field of orthopedics: Former Head of Orthopedics Department at AIIMS: He served as the head of the Orthopedics Department at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi, one of India's premier medical institutions. Chief of Emergency Services and Chief of Trauma Center at AIIMS: Dr. Bhan held the positions of Chief of Emergency Services and Chief of Trauma Center at AIIMS, demonstrating his expertise in handling critical orthopedic cases and trauma care. Orthopedic Treatment to Dignitaries: He has provided orthopedic treatment to several high-ranking dignitaries, including the President, Vice President, and three Prime Ministers of India. Areas of Expertise: Dr. Surya Bhan's expertise spans a wide range of orthopedic procedures, including: Joint Replacement Surgeries: Primary and Complex Knee Replacement Revision Knee and Hip Replacement Computer Navigated Knee Replacement Total Elbow Replacement Ankle Joint Replacement Primary and Complex Hip Replacement Unicondylar (Partial) Knee Replacement Total Shoulder Replacement Hand Joint (Small) Replacement Arthroscopic Surgeries: Proficient in performing minimally invasive arthroscopic procedures to diagnose and treat various joint conditions. Professional Experience: Dr. Surya Bhan's extensive experience and expertise have led him to serve in several renowned hospitals and medical institutions. Some of his notable affiliations include AIIMS Delhi, VIMHANS Hospital, New Delhi, Primus Hospital, New Delhi, and Moolchand Hospital. Memberships: Indian Orthopaedic Association Indian Society of Biomechanics Indian Arthroscopy Society Asia Pacific Arthroplasty Society Asia Pacific Orthopaedic Society American Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons A O Alumni Association Dr. Surya Bhan's dedication to the field of orthopedics, his commitment to providing exceptional patient care, and his vast experience in joint replacement surgeries make him a respected and sought-after specialist at Medeor Hospital in Delhi. His significant contributions to the field have solidified his reputation as one of India's leading orthopedic surgeons.