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Dr. Svetlana Novikova

Coronary heart disease (CHD) · Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation (TAVI)

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Dr. Svetlana Novikova is a cardiac surgeon at National Research Cardiac Surgery Centre. Her areas of medical specialization are coronary supply routes pathology, procured irregularity of heart, the innate anomaly of heart, careful treatment of cardiovascular decompensation, lung transplantation. Her specialist medical practice is in valve substitution, reparative valve medical procedure, CHD careful revision, aortic and vascular medical procedure, mechanical heart support gadgets, heart transplantation, lung transplantation. A heart transplant is a careful methodology performed on patients with end-stage cardiovascular breakdown or serious coronary supply route infection. National Research Cardiac Surgery Center has wide experience in treating various heart conditions patients. With their professional team of doctors, including Dr. Svetlana Novikova, effective quality diagnosis and treatment are provided to patients. Being a graduate doctor from Siberian State Medical University, Dr. Svetlana Novikova is a highly professional and renowned doctor in her field. With expertise in cardiac surgery, she takes thorough care of her patients. She treats every patient's case and priority and finds the least painful treatment and highly effective for the patients. Her aim is the healthy life of patients. She provides complete pre-and post-surgical consultations. Patients feel satisfied with her advanced techniques and proper guidance regarding surgical procedures. She connects mentally with her patients so that they can comfortably share their problems. Dr. Svetlana Novikova is an affectionate and cool-headed person. Her colleagues and patients have high regard for her. She guides all the junior doctors and helps them in complicated patient cases. She takes pride in her profession and deals professionally with everyone.