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    Dr. Svitlana Filin

    Uterine Myoma · Gynecologic Laparoscopy

    Klinik Stephanshorn

    Sankt Gallen, Switzerland






    Medical staff


    Dr. Svitlana Filin is one of the best gynecologists in the country. She has vast experience in the field and is specialized in treating uterine myoma and gynecological laparoscopy. Dr. Svitlana Filin is well-versed in three languages, including German, Russian, and Ukrainian. It is why she is one of the most sought-after physicians in the country. People from all over Switzerland and across the continent come to her for consultation. She completed her medical education in Ukraine while specializing in gynecology and obstetrics from Germany. She then completed her diploma in surgical gynecology and obstetrics from Switzerland. Dr. Svitlana Filin holds qualification certification in the following areas of study: · Prenatal ultrasonography (SGUM) · Medical practice laboratory (KHM) As an expert in senology and breast medicine, Dr. Svitlana Filin’s areas of interest include the following: · Gynecological checkups · HPV vaccination and consultation · Contraceptives use and issues · Pregnancy checks · Early diagnosis of gynecological issues · Pregnancy care and support during the birth · Gynecological and obstetric ultrasound · Family planning · Treatment of infertility · Hormone consultation · Discomfort in the breasts · Diagnosis and treatment of breast diseases · Treatment and follow-up of breast tumors · Breast ultrasound checkups · Menopause · Hormone replacement therapy · Emergency consultations · Laparoscopic surgeries · Hysteroscopy operations · Incontinence treatment Dr. Svitlana Filin takes complete care of her patients and is known for the early diagnosis of numerous gynecological issues. She also offers preventive care and is exceptionally considerate of her patients' needs. She keeps the patients and her family in the loop while deciding on a course of treatment.