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Dr. Sylvia Lim

Multisystem Disorders

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AsiaMedic Wellness Assessment Centre

Singapore, Singapore



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#08-00 Shaw House 350 Orchard Road Orchard Singapore Singapore


Meet Dr. Sylvia Lim, a distinguished Senior Resident Physician at the esteemed AsiaMedic Wellness Assessment Centre, recognized for her extensive expertise in the medical field. As a dedicated general practitioner, Dr. Lim's passion lies in Preventive Medicine, particularly in the early detection and management of chronic illnesses, as well as catering to women's health needs. With a commitment to comprehensive care, Dr. Lim is your partner in prioritizing your health journey. Her specializations encompass a wide spectrum of healthcare needs, ensuring that you receive personalized and attentive medical attention. Dr. Lim's academic journey began at the esteemed National University of Ireland (UCD-PMC) Health and Medicine, a testament to her dedication to excellence. Choose Dr. Sylvia Lim as your healthcare partner, and experience a truly patient-centered approach that focuses on your well-being and proactive health management. Book an appointment today to embark on a journey towards lasting health and wellness, guided by the expertise of a practitioner who's committed to delivering superior medical care tailored to your unique needs.