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Dr. Szczepan Cofta

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University Clinical Hospital in Poznań

Wielkopolskie, Polonya

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ul. Przybyszewskiego 49 60-355 Poznań


Welcome to the University Clinical Hospital in Poznań, where healthcare leadership meets compassionate patient care. Dr. Szczepan Cofta, our esteemed Chief Physician, brings a wealth of expertise and a patient-centric approach to his role. As the Chief Physician since June 2021 and previously the Chief Executive Officer from April 2019 to June 2021, Dr. Cofta has been a driving force in elevating our hospital's commitment to excellence. Dr. Szczepan Cofta is not only a seasoned administrator but also a highly skilled specialist in internal diseases and lung diseases. His dedication to pulmonology is evident in his work at the Department and Clinic of Pulmonology, Allergology, and Pulmonological Oncology at the Medical University of Warsaw. With a specialization in chronic respiratory failure, breathing disorders during sleep, and cystic fibrosis in adults, Dr. Cofta's clinical insights contribute significantly to our hospital's commitment to cutting-edge medical care. Dr. Cofta's journey in medicine has been marked by excellence. He started at the Department of Medical Biochemistry and further honed his skills during a research internship in Germany. As a two-time scholarship holder from the French Government, his international exposure adds a global perspective to our hospital's medical endeavors. In his role as Chief Physician, Dr. Cofta is dedicated to fostering a patient-centric environment where every individual receives the highest standard of care. His clinical interests extend beyond medical conditions to encompass the overall well-being of patients, emphasizing the importance of a holistic approach to healthcare. Dr. Cofta's leadership extends beyond the medical realm. With postgraduate studies in the management of healthcare facilities, he brings a unique blend of medical expertise and administrative acumen to his role. His vision for effective restructuring of the clinical hospital is rooted in broad participation and consensus, ensuring that every unit contributes to the hospital's success. At the University Clinical Hospital in Poznań, the ethos is one of collaboration and shared responsibility. Dr. Cofta recognizes the importance of inviting a wide group of employees to engage in discussions, fostering an environment where every team member contributes to the hospital's multifaceted activities. This collaborative approach is integral to our commitment to providing comprehensive and effective healthcare services. Dr. Cofta acknowledges and appreciates the economic dimension of medical work as a means of serving the common good. His leadership reflects a balance between medical excellence and economic sustainability, ensuring that our hospital continues to be a pillar of healthcare innovation and accessibility.