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Dr. Tae Ho Jung

Prolotherapy · Ultrasound Guided Injections

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Nasaret International Hospital

Incheon, South Korea






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98 Meonugeum-ro, Dongchun 2(i)-dong, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, South Korea


Dr. Tae Ho Jung is a specialist who deals in tissue pain treatment and ultrasound-guided injections at the Nasaret International Hospital. He has experience in administering successful therapies to his patients. Prolotherapy treats joint pain. It is regenerative infusion therapy. Knee sickness is the most well-known issue going from wounds to complex ailments. Prolotherapy involves injecting a sugar or saline material into your sore joint or muscle, which acts as an irritant. At Nazareth International Hospital, the experienced medical staff provides customized and unique treatment for knee, hip, and shoulder joints. Dr. Tae Ho Jung proficiently treats joint pain with both non-operative and surgical treatment. He is part of the specialist department to treat joint and muscle pain. He skillfully uses advanced modern techniques and the latest equipment. Dr. Tae Ho Jung got his Master of Medicine from Yonsei University. He is part of large-scale research into finding effective and reliable treatment methods. He provides pre- and post- operative care to all his patients and continuous check-ups to make sure his patients receive the best care. He has been very successful in prolotherapy and improving his patient's health. His survival rate is higher among all the other doctors. For him, the patient comes first. Dr. Tae Ho Jung is a diligent professional who has achieved a lot due to his hard work and dedication. He has always acted as a pure professional and vows to provide his patients with comfort and care. He also has a very professional relationship with his colleagues. For him, the patient comes first.