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Dr. Tanıl Esemenli

Foot Injury Treatment · Hallux valgus

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Academic hospital

İstanbul, Türkiye





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Altunizade, Nuhkuyusu Cad. No:94 34664 Üsküdar - İstanbul


Dr. Tanıl Esemenli specializes in the field of orthopedics and traumatology, offering comprehensive care for an array of musculoskeletal conditions. His expertise extends to addressing specific concerns such as Hallux Valgus, Heel Spur, and Foot Surgery. With his profound understanding of the complexities of the human body, he aims to provide tailored treatment plans for each patient, promoting optimal healing and improved quality of life. Associate Professor at Marmara University since 1991: Dr. Esemenli's academic prowess and valuable contributions to orthopedics enable him to offer cutting-edge treatments aligned with the latest advancements in the field. Specialist in Orthopedics and Traumatology at Hacettepe University since 1984: This specialization highlights Dr. Esemenli's extensive training and experience, equipping him with comprehensive knowledge for accurate diagnosis and effective management of orthopedic conditions. Precise Diagnoses and Tailored Treatment: Dr. Esemenli's in-depth expertise and advanced diagnostic techniques ensure accurate identification of your orthopedic concerns. He then creates personalized treatment plans that incorporate the most appropriate and effective interventions for your specific needs. State-of-the-Art Approaches: Keeping at the forefront of medical advancements, Dr. Esemenli integrates cutting-edge surgical and non-surgical techniques into his practice, ensuring the best possible outcomes for his patients. Patient-Centered Approach: Dr. Esemenli believes in placing you at the center of your orthopedic journey. He takes time to listen to your concerns, providing compassionate support and guidance throughout your treatment process, aiming for your complete satisfaction and well-being.