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Dr. Tim Cushing

Spine trauma · Epidural Neurolysis

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California Rehabilitation Institute

California, United States





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2070 Century Park E, Los Angeles, CA 90067, United States


Welcome to the California Rehabilitation Institute, where exceptional care and personalized treatment await you. We are thrilled to introduce you to Dr. Tim Cushing, a remarkable physician dedicated to your recovery and well-being. As the associate medical director of the California Rehabilitation Medical Group (CRMG) and site director of the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) residency training program, Dr. Cushing is committed to guiding you on your transformative journey. With a deep passion for helping patients regain their strength and mobility, Dr. Cushing specializes in the rehabilitation of individuals with orthopedic disorders and amputations. As the overseer of our outpatient PM&R physician practice, he ensures that you receive the highest quality of care and tailored treatment plans. Driven by a genuine concern for your well-being, Dr. Cushing is dedicated to helping you rediscover independence and restore your quality of life. Dr. Cushing's extensive educational background has equipped him with the knowledge and expertise needed to provide exceptional care. He earned his bachelor's degree in philosophy from the University of California, Santa Barbara, embodying a well-rounded approach to healthcare. Continuing his pursuit of excellence, Dr. Cushing obtained his medical degree from Albany Medical College in New York. He then completed his residency training at the renowned UCLA/VA Greater Los Angeles Health System program, solidifying his expertise in physical medicine and rehabilitation. As a board-certified physician by the esteemed American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Dr. Cushing upholds the highest standards of care. With his unwavering commitment to professional excellence, he has been an integral part of the California Rehabilitation Institute since its establishment in July 2016. Dr. Cushing's dedication to improving patients' lives and supporting their recovery is unparalleled. At the California Rehabilitation Institute, we understand that every patient's journey is unique. Dr. Tim Cushing embraces this philosophy, offering comprehensive and patient-centered treatment plans. With his compassionate approach and commitment to your well-being, Dr. Cushing will guide you through the rehabilitation process, ensuring you receive the care and support you deserve.