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    Dr. Tipapat Attathom

    Dental Implants

    Bangkok Hospital Siriroj

    Chang Wat Phuket, Thailand




    Dr. Tipapat Attathom is a skilled dentist. She is the head of Bangkok Hospital’s Dental Department, Siriroj, in Chang Wat Phuket, Thailand, and she has been working there for the last five years. She began her journey when she graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry, Chulalongkorn University, in 2004. Then she earned her Graduate Diploma of Clinical Dentistry (Operative Dentistry) from the same university in 2006. She then moved abroad to increase her knowledge and gain experience. In 2009, she earned a Certificate in Operative Dentistry and Master of Science (Operative Dentistry) from the University of Iowa, USA. In the same year, she set off as a member of the American Board of Operative Dentistry, USA. Dr. Tipapat Attathom has diverse experiences from different workplaces. In 2004-2009, she was a Lecturer at the Department of Operative Dentistry, Faculty of Dentistry, Chulalongkorn University Bangkok, Thailand. Then, till 2012 she was a guest lecturer at the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Montreal, Canada. She also practiced Operative and Aesthetic dentistry privately from 2010 to 2012, then practiced the same at Siriroj Hospital and Bangkok-Phuket International Dental Center. Dr. Tipapat Attathom has several specialties, including management of the carious disease, comprehensive restorative dentistry, aesthetic rehabilitation of the mouth with emphasis on minimally invasive treatments through bonding techniques: tooth whitening direct composite restoration, diastema closure, realignment, direct composite veneer, porcelain veneer, Inlay-Onlay, all-ceramic crown. Dr. Tipapat Attathom is hard-working. She has a passion for this field and determination to help her patients to the best of her abilities. She treats every patient with care and respect and ensures the best outcome of every procedure.