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Dr. Tsvetan Mintchev

Thoracophrentomy · Cervical esophagostomy

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Acibadem City Clinic Tokuda Hospital

Sofia City Province, Bulgaria






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Тhe entrance is from "At. Dukov" str. / Входът е от ул. "Ат. Дуков, bul. "Nikola Y. Vaptsarov" 51Б, 1407 Promishlena zona Hladilnika, Sofia, Bulgaria


A good surgeon needs to have good decision-making skills and extreme agility. Dr. Tsvetan Mintchev is one such surgeon with all the needed qualities and vast experience. He has spent many years training and is always on his path to learning more about new and advanced surgical procedures. He has completed many challenging courses from all over the world and is a highly skilled surgeon in General, Breast, and Thoracic Surgery. Dr. Tsvetan Mintchev is one of the most renowned surgeons holding medical degrees from all over the world. His experience in the field counts for his outstanding expertise in handling some of the most complicated malignancies. QUALIFICATIONS AND ACHIEVEMENTS BY DR. TSVETAN MINTCHEV • Dr. Tsvetan Mintchev completed his bachelor's in Medicine and Surgery from Sofia Medical University in 1989. • He completed his specialization in two fields, General and Thoracic Surgery. • He also received his Video Thoracoscopy and Mediastinoscopy Surgery certification in 2002 from the Medical University of Sofia. • He has numerous publications in his name and is a member of many notable Scientific Associations. • Dr. Tsvetan Mintchev has also received his certification in performing the Da Vinci Surgical Procedure in Breast Surgery in 2019 from Atlanta, USA. Dr. Tsvetan Mintchev is a well-renowned surgeon and is known for performing complex procedures, such as thoracophrenotomy and cervical esophagostomy. He has been serving at the Acibadem City Clinic Tokuda Hospital, performing many complex surgical procedures with a high recovery rate.