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    Dr. Tuba Develi

    Acquired maxillofacial deformities

    Medipol University Hospital

    İstanbul, Turkey


    Foundation year






    Medical staff


    Dr. Tuba Develi is a well-known dentist at Medipol University Hospital, and she has more than 12 years’ experience in her profession. She is diligent and well-known in the region as well as Turkey. She is the best of the best who shares her professional experience with other specialists while working at the hospital. Dr. Tuba Develi is a qualified specialist and gained her degree from reputed institutions. She graduated from Istanbul University Faculty of Dentistry, and later she obtained her Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery from the Baskent University Institute of Health Sciences. She is an expert in Acquired maxillofacial deformities. It should be mentioned Dr. Tuba Develi confront different patient cases, and thanks to her acquired and developed skills, she always finds the most appropriate solutions for each patient, even though some of the cases are complicated. Also, she clearly defines the needs of patients through detailed examinations, and accurate diagnostics based on significant experience. Thanks to her high professionalism, excellent knowledge, sensitive and attentive attitude towards patients, the patients always feel comfortable.