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Dr. Tuba Guctekin

Heart disease · Arterial Hypertension

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Bayrampasa Kolan Hospital

İstanbul, Türkiye







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60. Yıl Caddesi Terazidere Bayrampaşa İstanbul Türkiye


Entrust your heart to the gentle and skilled hands of Dr. Tuba Guctekin, a renowned specialist in Cardiology, artfully navigating through the realms of heart health with a profound depth of knowledge and an empathetic approach, exclusively at Bayrampasa Kolan Hospital, Turkey. Illuminating Educational Pathway: Graduated: Istanbul University, Faculty of Medicine Specialization: Marmara University, Faculty of Medicine Dr. Guctekin's distinguished educational journey through two of Turkey's prestigious medical faculties lays a robust foundation for her prowess in diagnosing and managing complex cardiac conditions with utmost precision. Passionate About Your Heart’s Whispers Navigating through the intricate realms of: Heart Failure Management: Optimizing cardiac function and enhancing quality of life Hypertension Control: Tailoring personalized strategies to manage blood pressure effectively Heart Health During Pregnancy: Safeguarding both maternal and fetal well-being with heartful care Dr. Guctekin ardently pursues solutions in these pivotal areas, wielding a fine blend of advanced technology and a patient-centric approach to unfold a journey toward optimal heart health. Why Dr. Tuba Guctekin? Embark on a journey where your heart is heard, valued, and meticulously cared for. Dr. Guctekin harmoniously unites her extensive expertise in Cardiology with a nurturing touch, ensuring your path to heart wellness is not walked alone. Discover compassionate care, where advanced treatments meet heartfelt conversations, ensuring you feel seen, heard, and comprehensively cared for throughout your health journey. Locate Expert Cardiac Care Find Dr. Guctekin’s unparalleled expertise at the heart of Turkey - Bayrampasa Kolan Hospital, where cutting-edge care is synergized with a warm, patient-focused environment.