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Dr. Turker Karanci

Spinal cord abscess · Pituitary Surgery

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I.A.U VM Medical Park Florya Hospital

İstanbul, Turkey






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Beşyol, Florya, Akasya Sk. No:4 D:1, 34295 Küçükçekmece/İstanbul, Turkey


Dr. Turker Karanci is a renowned specialist in Spinal cord abscess and Pituitary Surgery. He is a competent surgeon who has treated thousands of patients successfully. He has successfully done thousands of operations with minimally invasive surgery techniques and successfully cured their pituitary and spinal cord problems. Currently, he delivers his special services in the leading I.A.U. V.M. Medical Park Florya Hospital. Dr. Turker Karanci is known for his professional dealing with his patients. He is the friendliest person and deals with his patients with respect. He offers a confidential environment to his patients where they feel safe. Patients are highly satisfied with his advanced treatment methods and recommend him to others. Dr. Turker Karanci has earned his graduate degree in the faculty of medicine from the prestigious Edirne Trakya University. He has accomplished remarkable educational goals and gained excellence in his fields. He has also received the best house job training after his graduate studies, which allowed him to emerge as a competent doctor. He has learned new medical skills during his residency training and perfected them to the best of his abilities. Dr. Turker Karanci has also acquired a specialization degree in Brain and Nerve Surgery with distinctions. He has been trained in the sophisticated technologies that are used in nerve and brain surgery. As a specialist surgeon of nerve and brain, he has gained more than 20 years of experience. Dr. Turker Karanci is also a fellow member of various medical centers where he delivers his special services as a trainer and researcher.