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Dr. Tye Mei Hoong

Intravenous anesthesia · General anesthesia

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Perak Community Specialist Hospital

Perak, Malaysia





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277 Jalan Raja Permaisuri Bainun Ipoh Perak Malaysia


Dr. Tye Mei Hoong, a distinguished Orthopaedic Surgeon at Perak Community Specialist Hospital. Dr. Tye Mei Hoong, with an MD from UNIMAS and a Master's in Anaesthesiology from the University of Malaya, is your trusted partner on the journey towards enhanced mobility, comfort, and overall musculoskeletal health. As a patient-centered Orthopaedic Surgeon, Dr. Tye Mei Hoong brings a wealth of expertise to the forefront, ensuring that your orthopaedic needs are met with personalized and comprehensive care. Whether you're dealing with joint issues, fractures, or other musculoskeletal concerns, Dr. Tye Mei Hoong is dedicated to helping you regain control and improve your quality of life. Perak Community Specialist Hospital is privileged to have Dr. Tye Mei Hoong as part of its healthcare team. Her commitment to delivering exceptional care is evident in the welcoming and supportive environment she creates for every patient. Dr. Tye Mei Hoong's multidisciplinary approach incorporates the latest advancements in orthopaedic surgery, ensuring that you receive state-of-the-art solutions tailored to your unique circumstances. Dr. Tye Mei Hoong's journey of continuous education and staying abreast of cutting-edge developments in orthopaedics positions her as a leading practitioner in the field. Perak Community Specialist Hospital proudly recognizes her as an integral member, contributing to the hospital's mission of excellence in orthopaedic care. Whether you're considering joint replacement, fracture management, or seeking solutions for sports-related injuries, Dr. Tye Mei Hoong's patient-centric philosophy ensures your active participation in your orthopaedic care journey.