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Dr. Tyree Davis

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery · Cosmetic Dentistry

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Nevada Health Center Inc (Eastern Family Medical & Dental)

Nevada, United States



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2212 South Eastern Avenue Downtown South Las Vegas Clark County Nevada United States 4124


Dr. Tyree Davis, DDS, your dedicated Clinical Dental Director at Nevada Health Center Inc's Eastern Family Medical and Dental. With over 15 years of unwavering commitment to your oral health, Dr. Davis brings a wealth of experience and expertise to ensure you receive top-notch dental care. As the Clinical Dental Director, Dr. Tyree Davis stands at the forefront of dental excellence at Nevada Health Centers. His extensive leadership role demonstrates his dedication to advancing the standard of care, providing you with the most up-to-date and comprehensive dental services available. Dr. Davis earned his Doctorate of Dental Surgery from the prestigious University of Michigan, School of Dentistry. This educational distinction is a testament to his commitment to staying at the forefront of dental knowledge and technology, ensuring that you receive the highest quality care. With a dental license in both Nevada and the State of Texas, Dr. Davis's expertise is recognized across state lines. His dual licensure highlights his dedication to meeting the diverse oral health needs of the community, offering you a comprehensive and versatile approach to dental care. Beyond his professional achievements, Dr. Tyree Davis is a well-rounded individual who values a healthy and balanced lifestyle. He enjoys activities such as golf, basketball, and reading, showcasing his commitment to overall wellness. This passion extends to his approach to dental care, where he prioritizes not only the health of your teeth but your holistic well-being. Dr. Davis is not just a dentist; he is your partner in achieving and maintaining optimal oral health. His leadership, educational background, and personal commitment to wellness make him a trusted guide on your dental journey. At Nevada Health Center Inc's Eastern Family Medical and Dental, you can trust Dr. Tyree Davis for a dental experience that prioritizes your well-being.