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    Dr. Ugur Cinar

    Head and neck cancer surgery · Sinusitis

    Acibadem International Hospital

    İstanbul, Turkey


    Foundation year






    Medical staff


    Dr. Ugur Cinar is a skilled doctor of Head and neck cancer surgery and sinusitis who works diligently and professionally. He is the expert physician of his specialties. He is famous for his specialties nationally and internationally. He has remarkable qualities, and his professional integrity stands tall. Dr. Ugur Cinar is the most capable and qualified doctor, and his extensive qualifications and experience support this claim. He has achieved his graduate degree in the Faculty of Medicine from Istanbul University, an esteemed medical institution. He has also got his compulsory residence training from the same university. During his training, he has achieved excellence in his work and has earned the name of the most professional doctor. His passion for learning and enhancing his skills led him to apply for specialization. He has acquired specialization in ear, nose, and throat diseases. During his specialization, he has worked hard and honed his skills that boosted his professional career from a common doctor to a specialist. His specialties allowed him to work with various people and learn from various distinguished medical scholars. Dr. Ugur Cinar has skillfully worked in various prestigious hospitals and other medical institutions. He also has hundreds of thousands of students, as he loves teaching. His passion for teaching and transferring his skill to others led him to adopt a teaching profession. He is a qualified professor at Istanbul Aydın University. His experience of teaching at a medical university conferred on him many accolades and titles. He is known as the expert medical educationist in Turkey.