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    Dr. Ulrike Walle

    Pacemaker Implantation · Endovascular Surgery


    Sana Cardiac Surgery Stuttgart

    Baden-Württemberg, Germany


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    2 Herdweg Nord Stuttgart Stuttgart Stuttgart Baden-Württemberg Germany

    Ulrike Walle

    Baden-Württemberg, Germany


    Dr. Ulrike Walle is a Physician/Surgeon in Cardiac Surgery Department at Sana Cardiac Surgery Stuttgart. She is a specialist in Cardiology and Heart Surgery and also she is a Transfusion Officer. Her main areas of work are Adult Cardiac Surgery, minimally invasive heart valve surgery, and Rhythm Surgery. She is a member of the German Society for Thoracic, Cardiovascular and Vascular Surgery (DGTHG). Dr. Walle is a medical doctor who has advanced education and training in performing surgery on the heart and the major blood vessels around it. Dr. Walle can treat any disease, condition or injury that requires surgery to repair or correct. This can include anything from trauma - like from a car crash, stab wound or gunshot - to correcting heart damage from a disease or a condition a person had when they were born.