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    Dr. Ursula Strate

    Proctological diseases

    Medizinicum Stephansplatz Hospital

    Hamburg, Germany


    Foundation year




    General surgery is a medical specialty that entails a variety of surgical procedures for the treatment of a wide range of health problems and diseases. General Surgeons are capable of diagnosing a variety of diseases, particularly those involving the abdomen and its organs. They have extensive knowledge of a wide range of conditions and can determine whether or not a patient requires surgery and, if so, what type of surgery is best for them. Dr. Ursula Strate is a well-known, dedicated, and highly skilled General Surgeon based in Germany. Dr. Ursula Strate started her medical education by passing State examination from Hamburg in 1997, afterward obtained her degree of Doctorate from the University of Hamburg in 2001, and later opted for specialization in General surgery in 2003. She is an active committee member of various medical associations, including the German Society for Surgery, the German Society for Visceral Surgery, and the Association of Northwest German Surgeons. Dr. Ursula Strate is highly appreciated for her profound knowledge about the specialization, and therefore, has published several research articles in national and international journals regarding various surgical procedures. Her areas of interest are treating Proctological diseases, Stomach ulcers, Anal fissures, Chronic inflammatory bowel disease, and Hemorrhoids, etc. She strives to provide high-quality medical care to patients by providing accurate medical information and the best treatment available in the current medical environment. Presently, Dr. Ursula Strate is associated with the Medizinicum Stephansplatz Hospital, Hamburg, Germany, as a consultant General Surgeon. She is committed to hard work and helping people with her knowledge and kind nature.