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    Dr. Volkan Turunc

    Laparoscopic Surgery · Liver transplant

    Memorial Sisli Hospital

    İstanbul, Turkey


    Foundation year






    Dr. Volkan Turunc is a well-known doctor in the Turkish capital of Istanbul. He works as a full-time doctor at Memorial Sisli Hospital. He has more than 20 years of professional experience in his field of specialization, and he is well-versed in it. His areas of expertise include: • Kidney transplantation surgery • Liver transplantation surgery • Oncologic surgery • Obesity surgery • Laparoscopic surgery Dr. Volkan Turunc graduated from Istanbul University's Faculty of Medicine in 1999 with a medical degree. More than a thousand kidney transplants were carried out by him over the course of his career. High-risk transplant patients, cross-transplants, and child transplants are all areas in which he has a lot of practice. Dr. Volkan Turunc proficiently treats a range of diseases, including: • Kidney Cancer • Kidney Stones • End-Stage Renal Disease • Chronic Infection • Glomerulonephritis • Shrunken Kidney • Kidney Injury or Trauma • Polycystic Kidneys • Chronic Kidney Disease • Polycystic Kidney Disease • Kidney Failure • Symptomatic Hydronephrosis Dr. Volkan Turunc is frank and open-minded. He has a perpetually bright smile on his face, which adds to his overall positive attitude. He does not only treat his patients as patients, but also as if they are his brothers, relatives, and friends, rather than simply as clients to be treated. You can speak with him about a wide range of topics, and he is always willing to lend a helping hand when you need one. As a result of his efforts, many people's lives have been transformed. He has had a lot of success in his area of expertise. You can put your faith in his knowledge and experience.