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Dr. Walter Ruben Caceres Achinelli

Stomach cancer · Pancreatic cancer

Centro Medico Bautista

Asunción, Paraguay


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Avda. Republica Argentina y Campos Cervera, Avda. Republica Argentina 635, Asunción, Paraguay


Our body is composed of trillions of different kinds of cells. These cells grow and multiply continuously; new cells replace worn-out cells, and the cycle goes on. Any abnormality in this orderly process can result in the formation of tumors or even cancer. Cancerous cells grow uncontrollably and spread to different parts of the body. Oncologists are trained physicians who treat cancers and provide required medical attention. Oncologists belong to three major categories based on their treatment methods: medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, and surgical oncologists. As the name suggests, Surgical Oncologists treat cancer using surgery. They operate to remove tumors and nearby affected tissues and perform a biopsy to diagnose cancers. Dr. Walter Ruben Caceres Achinelli of Centro Medico Bautista is one such highly skilled Surgical Oncologist of Paraguay. His clinical interest lies in Stomach Cancer and Pancreatic Cancer. He obtained his MD (Doctor of Medicine) degree from the Faculty of Medical Sciences, National University of Asuncion. Later, he specialized in Oncology from the same university. Dr. Walter Ruben Caceres Achinelli is also a founding partner and member of the Paraguayan Society of Oncological Surgery. Having practiced as an Oncological Surgeon for many years, he is widely known for helping his patients manage cancer symptoms and delivering quality and compassionate care. He is a vital part of the oncologist’s team at Centro Medico Bautista. In addition to the practice, he regularly attends conferences, seminars, and workshops related to Oncology and shares his diverse knowledge with fellow physicians and juniors.