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    Dr. Won Jae Lee

    Pediatric Allergy · Respiratory Disease

    Nasaret International Hospital

    Incheon, South Korea


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    Dr. Won Jae Lee is a famous doctor working as an instructor at Stanford University, School of Medicine. He specializes in Respiratory Diseases and Pediatric Allergies. He is very professional, taking lots of care of his patients. Apart from treating his patients, his high communicational skills and beautiful smiles make the patients feel friendly. Respiratory diseases like pneumonia, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), lung cancer, pulmonary fibrosis, and all others are safely treated by Dr. Won Jae Lee. He has good experience, and high skill to treat patients with all these respiratory diseases, and the safety rates of patients with these diseases he treated are very high. Stuffy nose, Sneezing, Red itchy dry skin, Itching or runny nose, itching in ears or roof of the mouth, Itchy rash, Red itchy watery eyes, Hives or itchy welts, all these are symptoms of Pediatric Allergies. Patients with these symptoms may visit Dr. Won Jae Lee. And he makes his patients asymptomatic soon with his good knowledge in this field. Dr. Won Jae Lee is well educated in his field. After graduating from medical school and completing his MBBS with good grades, he joined Kyunghee University Medical Center. It is located in Seoul, Korea, and he did his Major in pediatrics at this University. Further, his interest in this field can be judged by his profession. After he completed his Majors, he started his career at Kyunghee University Medical Center, Seoul, Korea, as a Doctor of Pediatrics. He is highly suggested Doctor, from the patients whoever once visits him.