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    Dr. Won Lee

    Breast Augmentation · Face contouring

    Jewelry Plastic Surgery

    Seoul, South Korea


    Foundation year




    Dr. Won Lee is one of the phenomenal plastic surgeons in Korea currently serving at the Jewelry Plastic Surgery Clinic in Seoul. He is amongst the many top plastic surgeons working at the clinic. The Jewelry Plastic Surgery Clinic offers innumerable cosmetic surgery options and provides the best pre-surgery assessment and post-op care. Dr. Won Lee and his medical team are also fully equipped to perform in his specialty areas, including breast augmentation and face contouring. Beauty is a relative term – implying that the meaning of beauty differs from person to person. While some might like to get a nose job done, others prefer a slight jaw alignment or cheekbone contouring. As difficult as it may sound, listening to the clients and coming up with a cosmetic surgery plan has to be on point. Dr. Won Lee does an excellent job of understanding and assessing his clients. He devises surgical procedures to tweak some of the basic structural features of the clients as per their desire by using implants. Another most famous specialty of Dr. Won Lee is breast augmentation, a surgical procedure wherein the surgeon makes an incision in the breast. Once an air pocket is created in the breast by separating the breast tissue from muscles, the surgeon inserts the implants. Post-op care includes regular checkups by the surgeon and wearing a compression bandage or supporting bra. Dr. Won Lee provides the best post-operative care. He keeps up with the follow-up visits and ensures there is no bruising.