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Dr. Wonseok Kim

Hair loss treatment · Laser Surgery · Vitiligo

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Kangbuk Samsung Hospital

Seoul, South Korea

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29 Saemunan-ro Jongno-gu Seoul South Korea


Meet Dr. Wonseok Kim: Your Partner in Skin Health and Beauty Are you seeking the expertise of a distinguished dermatologist who truly understands your skin's unique needs? Dr. Wonseok Kim, a renowned specialist dedicated to providing you with top-tier care for a range of skin concerns. From skin cancer and tumors to pediatric nevi like angiomas and typhoids, as well as vitiligo, laser treatments, scar therapy, and hair loss solutions – Dr. Kim covers it all. Dr. Kim's journey in the field of dermatology began at the prestigious Seoul National University College of Medicine. He honed his skills during his internship at Seoul National University Hospital and further expanded his expertise through roles at Samsung Seoul Hospital's Dermatology Department, even serving in the Marine Corps' 1st Division as a Dermatologist Director. With a passion for excellence, he continued to ascend in his career, becoming the Director of the Dermatology Department at Armed Forces Seoul District Hospital and later a Full-time Specialist at Samsung Seoul Hospital. Dr. Kim's exceptional contributions to the field of dermatology continued as he assumed the position of Dermatology Specialist and Director at Kangbuk Samsung Hospital. His dedication to advancement led him to become a Professor of Dermatology at Sungkyunkwan College of Medicine. Notably, he served as the Former Director of Research Support at Kangbuk Samsung Hospital, showcasing his commitment to pioneering treatments and techniques. As a full member of the Society of Dermatology and a regular contributor to the Department of Aesthetic Surgery, Dr. Kim is at the forefront of cutting-edge advancements in skin care. His expertise encompasses a wide spectrum of skin conditions and treatments, ensuring that your journey to radiant skin is supported by the latest and most effective methods.