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Dr. Woo Chan Park

Breast Cancer

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Seoul St. Mary's Hospital

Seoul, South Korea






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Banpo-dong, Seoul, South Korea


Dr. Woo Chan Park is one of the best breast surgeons at Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital and has rich experience in his profession. He is an expert in breast cancer. He is known for his professional skills and kindness with patients. Dr. Woo Chan Park is a qualified doctor who gained a degree from reputed institutions. He graduated from the College of Medicine, The Catholic University of Korea, and several years later, he did his M.S at the Catholic University of Korea. Also, he obtained his M.D., Ph.D. at the Catholic University of Korea, where he deeply improved his skills in his profession. In addition to his work, Dr. Woo Chan Park published several scientific articles in national and international journals, which much interest from many readers. Moreover, he always motivates his patients to fight their diseases.