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Dr. Woo-jung Kim

Breast Augmentation · Double Eyelids

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WOOA Plastic Surgery&Dermatology Medical Group

Seoul, South Korea






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825 Nonhyeon-ro Gangnam-gu Seoul South Korea


Dr. Woojung Kim is the head doctor of Plastic Surgeon. He was the former Professor at Seoul National University Hospital. Doctor of Plastic Surgery at Seoul National University Hospital. Plastic surgeon at Seoul National University Hospital. Clinical professor of plastic surgery at Seoul University Hospital. Advisor for Seoul National University Hospital Plastic Surgery. Advisor for Seoul National University Hospital Plastic Surgery. He is a Member of the Korean Society of plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons and a Member of the IPRAS (International Confederation for Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery). His Academic Activities are the following: o 2000 Thesis presentation at the 25th Korean Society for Surgery of the Hand o 2001 Thesis presentation at the 9th International congress on cleft palate and related craniofacial anomalies Thesis presentation at the 51st Korean Society of plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons Autumn Conference Thesis presentation at the 10th International congress of the International society of craniofacial Surgery staged reconstruction of blauth type III-B and type IV hyppoplastic thumb /JK 20016(1):22-28 o 2002 How to Make the Bolckage between the Nasal Cavity and intracranial Space in Craniofacial Surgery J Korean SocPlastReconstr Surg 2002 May 029(03):136-140 Cleft Lip and palate incidence among the live births in the Republic of Korea. J Korean Med Sci 2002 Fed; 17(1)49-52 Problems in the Treatment of Brachymetarsia by Callotasis J Korean SocPlastReconstrSurg 2002 Dec 029(05): 423-430 Thesis presentation at the 6th Korea Japan Congress of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery o 2003 Thesis presentation at the 5th Asian Pacific cleft-lip and palate conference o 2004 Photogammetric Analysis of the Lip and Nose after Presurgical Infant Orthopedics in Unilateral Complete Cleft Lip and Palate J Korean Med SocPlastReconstrSurg 2004 Jul 031(04): 446-451 o 2006 How to make the blockage between the nasal cavity and intracranial space using a four-layer sealing technique. Plast Reconstr Surg. 2006 Jan 117(1):233-8 o 2014 Photodynamic therapy suppresses tumor growth in an in vivo model of human hemangioma./ Arch Dermatol Res. 2014 Jan 306(1): 81-91