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    Dr. Yeong Je Gang

    Embryo glue treatment · IVF with frozen embryos

    Pyeongchon Maria Fertility Hospital

    Gyeonggi-do, South Korea


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    Dr. Yeong Je Gang is one of the most remarkable reproductive endocrinologists and fertility doctors. He has been working in reproductive endocrinology for about thirty years and has made his mark in the world. Dr. Yeong Je Gang holds empathy and compassion for his patients and makes sure they recover fully with the treatment he provides. He is very vocal and has impressive communication skills. He speaks not only Korean but also Mandarin and English. The extraordinary medical journey of Dr. Yeong Je Gang started with the magnificent educational institute of Seoul National University College of Medicine, where Dr. Yeong completed his five-year course and graduated in medicine. Then, Dr. Yeong Je Gang majored in Obstetrics and Gynecology and completed his Seoul National University Hospital course with bright colors. He is also providing his services as an assistant professor in Ilsan Paik Hospital. Dr. Yeong Je Gang is currently a part of a fertility medicine team at Pyeongchon Maria Fertility Hospital in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. Dr. Yeong Je Gang has always wished to share and spread his light of knowledge among his peers and students. For this purpose, he has efficiently taken part in research and publications nationally and internationally. He also delivers lectures about reproductive endocrinology and fertility medicine among his students and patients. Dr. Yeong Je Gang’s approach focuses on the patient’s needs, and he always starts with a vigilant and detailed medical history, followed by an evidence-based individual treatment plan. He is known for his empathy and gentle approach during difficult and emotional times. Following are some of the most renowned specialties of Dr. Yeong Je Gang: • Treatment of uterine septum • Polycystic ovarian syndrome • Hysteroscopy • Ectopic pregnancies • IVF with frozen embryos • Surrogacy • Multiple pregnancies • Embryo glue treatment