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Dr. Yoo Mi Park

Acne scars · Acne clinic

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NANA Plastic Surgery

Seoul, South Korea



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492 Gangnam-daero, Nonhyeon 1(il)-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea


Plastic surgery is a type of surgery that focuses on repairing or replacing malformed, injured, or missing organs and tissues of the body, primarily through the use of living tissue transplantation. Plastic surgeons are highly trained medical professionals who specialize in the treatments listed above. Plastic surgery procedures aim to improve or restore function by correcting a disfigurement that is interfering with normal function. Dr. Yoo Mi Park is a reputed Plastic Surgeon based in South Korea. Her cosmetic procedures are physical evidence of her skilled nature and deep knowledge. Dr. Yoo Mi Park obtained her MBChB degree from the renowned institute of Kyungbok University of Medicine, South Korea. Apart from her clinical services, she has also significantly contributed through her comprehensive research. Her publications are presented on both national and international levels. In addition, she often took part as an invited speaker, panelist, or moderator in many international congresses, symposiums, and courses related to her specialization. Some of the famous procedures done by her are Acne scars, Nose reshaping (rhinoplasty), thigh lift, Tummy tuck (abdominoplasty), and many others. She has discovered that building a solid physician-patient relationship through communication and education is the key to providing excellent patient care. At present, Dr. Yoo Mi Park is catering her clinical services in the renowned medical institute of NANA Plastic Surgery Clinic, South Korea, as a plastic surgeon. She offers a warm, loving, and welcoming environment for her patients seeking peace of mind and relief from their pain and discomfort.