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    Dr. Youn Taek Koo

    Eye Surgery · Face-lift

    POP Plastic Surgery

    Seoul, South Korea


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    The face gives the overall first impression; therefore, it is essential to have a face that exudes confidence. A person who feels that their face has flaws will always feel under confident with a shaky personality. Seeking a good plastic surgeon to reconstruct some of the facial features can majorly enhance the overall outlook of one's personality. Dr. Youn Taek Koo is one such plastic and reconstructive surgeon whose patients are at ease due to his calm personality. He works at the POP Plastic Surgery Hospital, South Korea, and is very famous for his skills. Dr. Youn Taek Koo is known for his outstanding skills and techniques. His experienced hands have performed multiple surgeries and have set their standards in plastic and reconstructive surgery. Surgeries to correct eyelids that do not crease and other eye surgeries are performed with great finesse. His patients vouch for his exemplary technical procedures, especially for face-lift. It offers minimal tissue damage and leaves invisible incisional marks. The results of his face-lifting procedure leave a very taut skin, which minimizes skin tags and prevents aging. This cosmetic facial procedure also removes any amount of fat that makes a face otherwise look chubby. Patients receiving treatment under the care of Dr. Youn Taek Koo have had no postoperative surgical complications, earning his trust even more. Dr. Youn Taek Koo has been practicing at the POP Plastic Surgery Hospital in South Korea for many years and is famous for his great work.