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    Dr. Young Jae Kim


    EU Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

    Seoul, South Korea




    Dr. Young Jae Kim is a seasoned orthodontist currently working at the distinguished EU Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery in Seoul, South Korea. Working at the top-notch medical facility dealing with reconstructive and aesthetic cases, Dr Young Jae Kim is proficient in accurately identifying and offering practical solutions to various facial and dental concerns. Dr. Young Jae Kim specializes in correcting teeth and jaw bone irregularities. One of his primary surgical interests is manipulating, designing, and fabricating various orthodontic appliances to realign teeth and jaws. These techniques restore and improve the jaw joint’s normal functioning and enhance facial beauty by rectifying the chin symmetry. His area of dental expertise lies in managing conditions such as Protruding teeth, bite problems such as an Overbite or an Underbite, Straightening Crooked teeth, Obliterating dental Crowding, fixing irregular spacing, and realigning Jaw misalignments, etc. He is also well versed in working with dental implants, dentures, braces and other dental fixations in patients of all ages. After graduating from one of the prestigious institutes in South Korea, Dr. Young Jae Kim pursued his passion for dental reconstruction. He has been affiliated with several highly reputable institutes for further training and acquiring surgical experience. Dr. Young Jae Kim is also an active member of many distinguished institutes related to orthodontics, recognized both nationally and internationally. Dr. Young Jae Kim is currently practicing in Seoul with a high surgical and patient satisfaction rate. All these accomplishments are attributed to his dedication towards pre- and post-treatment patient care and listening to his patient’s concerns.