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Dr. Young Mi Kim

Neurometabolic disorders

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Endocrinology is an internal medicine specialty that studies hormones, including diseases and conditions that arise due to hormonal imbalance, damage to the glands that produce hormones, or the use of synthetic or natural hormonal drugs. Diabetes mellitus, thyroid disorders, osteoporosis, growth hormone deficiency, infertility, cholesterol issues, hypertension (high blood pressure), obesity, and other conditions affecting the endocrine system are all diagnosed and treated by an endocrinologist. Dr. Young Mi Kim is among some of the prominent Endocrinologists practicing in South Korea; she is quite educated and highly experienced in her field of specialization. She graduated from the reputable institute of Pusan National University College of Medicine, South Korea, and later obtained her Doctor of Medicine degree from the same university. In her extensive and respected medical career, Dr. Young Mi Kim did not only provide her services as a medical practitioner but also as a great researcher; she has several national and international publications to her name on the increasing hormonal disorders and their timely preventions. Dr. Young Mi Kim specializes in treating Neurometabolic disorders, Minimally invasive parathyroidectomy (MIP), Biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch, Brain stereotactic radiosurgery, and many others. Furthermore, she conducts careful case studies of her patient’s health before recommending surgery, this assists in the success of the surgery and the long-lasting recovery of the patient. Patient safety is the top priority for her, and she adheres to all medical protocols and provides care of international standards. Presently, Dr. Young Mi Kim is catering her clinical expertise in the Pusan National University Hospital as an Endocrinology consultant.