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Dr. Young Youn Cho

Endoscopic Therapy

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Chung-Ang University Hospital

Seoul, South Korea






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102 Heukseok-ro Dongjak-gu Seoul South Korea


Liver diseases have become very prevalent throughout the world. These include fatty liver, alcoholic hepatitis, and viral hepatitis, etc. Liver diseases are life-threatening sometimes, as they may appear suddenly and leave very little time for treatment. An expert gastroenterologist is required to treat such conditions. Dr. Young Youn Cho is one such Gastroenterologist who proficiently treats liver-related disorders. He works at the Chung-Ang University Hospital. Dr. Young Youn Cho has a lot of experience. He has a Subspecialty in Gastroenterology and Gastrointestinal Endoscopy. As an Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine, he demonstrated his abilities. He works at Chung-Ang University Hospital's Gastroenterology Department and also works at the College of Medicine at Seoul National University. There he provides his services in the Liver Research Institute and the Department of Internal Medicine. Dr. Young Youn Cho is a multi-talented specialty doctor. Endoscopic treatment, liver cirrhosis, liver cancer, and fatty liver are among his specializations. He is a hepatitis specialist who treats both acute and chronic hepatitis. Further, he also deals in liver transplantation. His expertise in endoscopic therapy is essential to treat complications associated with chronic hepatitis. Complications include gastrointestinal bleeding and varices. As a clinician, Dr. Young Youn Cho has conducted many kinds of research. His research focuses on hepatitis B and C, as well as liver fibrosis. Hepatocellular carcinoma and its therapies are also covered. Re-embolization treatments for carcinoma are also part of his research. Dr. Young Youn Cho has the excellent skills needed to treat such aggressive and life-altering diseases. He is a fantastic doctor who gives his patients the attention they need.