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Dr. Youssef Kabbach

Endoscopic Sinus Surgery · Snoring

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Mediclinic Airport Road Hospital

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates





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Saif Ghobash St - opposite Khalifa International Bowling Centre - Al Rawdah - W67 - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates


Dr. Youssef Kabbach is a competent medical practitioner in ENT at Mediclinic Airport Road Hospital, has rich experience in ENT disorder. He is the best otolaryngologist, which means he is both a doctor and a surgeon. That is why, he can proficiently treat patients by both prescribing medications or performing surgeries, uses both medical and surgical expertise. Dr. Youssef Kabbach treats a wide range of illnesses, such as: - Ear microscopic surgery - Nose and sinus endoscopic surgery - Aesthetic surgery of the nose - Snoring and sleep apnea diagnosis and management Dr. Youssef Kabbach spent five years specializing in Otolaryngology at the University of Nancy, France, and he was French Board accredited since 1986. He has been showing his remarkable skills in both consulting and treating patients for several years now. His expertise and professionalism have made him successful as a great ENT specialist. Dr. Kabbach is a highly experienced consultant ENT who has worked in many hospitals and countries includes King Fahed Hospital and Al Jabre Specialised Centre in Eye & ENT in Saudi Arabia and Al Ahli specialist center in Syria. He has worked in Mediclinic since 2013.