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    Dr. Yusuf Karakas

    Colorectal Cancer · Pancreatic Cancer

    Acibadem Bodrum Hospital

    Muğla, Turkey


    Foundation year






    Medical staff


    Dr. Yusuf Karakas is a radiation oncologist who treats colorectal and pancreatic cancer. He is currently working at Acibadem Bodrum Hospital. He graduated in medicine from Hacettepe University in 2007. Later on, he did specialization in internal diseases from Osmangazi University in 2013. He also did a specialization in oncology at Hacettepe University in 2017. Dr. Yusuf Karakas is a cancer specialist who treats cancer patients. The treatment of Dr. Yusuf Karakas begins with a diagnostic test. He starts by recommending testing to see if a person has cancer. After that, he goes over a cancer diagnosis, including the type and stage of the disease, discussing all therapy choices as well as the patient’s treatment preference. While treating, he provides professional and compassionate care, helping his patients in managing the symptoms and side effects of cancer and its treatment. Depending on cancer, its stage, and any potential health consequences, Dr. Yusuf Karakas chooses which treatment plan is best for his patients. He uses a variety of methods of treating cancer, such as • Radiation- to slow the growth of tumors without harming healthy tissue • Surgery- to physically remove a tumor • Targeted therapy- to limit a tumor from spreading to other parts of your body • Chemotherapy- to destroy cancer cells. Due to his knowledge and vast experience in his field, Dr. Yusuf Karakas establishes an accurate diagnosis and provides you with the best treatment to overcome your condition. Before treatment, you can also discuss with him the treatment’s goals and success rates.