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Dr. Yusuf Kenan Yalcinbas

Cardiac valve replacement · Chronic heart failure

31 Yrs

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Acibadem Bakirkoy Hospital

İstanbul, Turkey








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Zeytinlik, Halit Ziya Uşaklıgil Cd. No: 1, 34140 Bakırköy/İstanbul, Turkey


Dr. Yusuf Kenan Yalcinbas is a highly experienced and well reputed cardiologist working at Acibadem Bakirkoy with an excellent experience of 29 years in the professional medical field. Dr. Yusuf Kenan Yalcinbas completed his graduation in September 1983-1989 from Istanbul University Cerrahpasa. In 1995, he received his specialization certificate in Cardiovascular Surgery from Istanbul University Institute of Cardiology. Dr. Yusuf Kenan Yalcinbas worked as a professor, a pediatrician, and an adult cardiovascular surgeon for three years in Beykent University and Perfusion Technique Program, Istanbul. He was a part of the internal medicine department in 1996 at the university of Marmara-Istanbul, Turkey. He worked as a General Secretary and founder of the Istanbul cardiac surgery foundation. He also served as a project medical consultant in 1999 at Istanbul memorial hospital. Later on, in 2002, he worked as a staff cardiovascular surgeon in the same hospital. Dr. Yusuf Kenan Yalcinbas has a good hand at cardiovascular surgeries, including: CARDIAC VALVE REPLACEMENT: Your cardiac valves need to get replaced when they degenerate over time. In this procedure, the doctor removes the heart valves and replaces them with mechanical valves made up of animal tissues. Two main types to replace heart valve can be: · Mechanical · Biological CHRONIC HEART FAILURE: It's a condition that affects the strength of your heart muscles. Chronic heart failure can be of following types: · Left-sided · Right-sided · Diastolic · Systolic Dr. Yusuf Kenan Yalcinbas is highly experienced and proficient in all cardiac procedures. Due to his dedicated and sincere services, he has maintained a high success rate and all his patients regard him as a very kind human being.