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Dr. Zafer Oka

Paranoia · Bipolar Disorder

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Private Medstar Topcular Hospital

Antalya, Türkiye







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No:19 Perge Bulvarı Tarım Muratpaşa Antalya Türkiye


Are you seeking compassionate, specialized psychiatric care? Look no further than Dr. Zafer Oka, a renowned Psychiatry Specialist with an impressive medical journey. With an extensive background and a genuine commitment to your well-being, Dr. Oka is the right choice for your mental health needs. MEDSTAR ANTALYA HOSPITAL - Psychiatry Specialist (2018 - Present), Antalya/Turkey PRIVATE OFM HOSPITAL - Psychiatry Specialist (2014 - 2018) PRIVATE OLYMPOS HOSPITAL - Psychiatry Specialist (2014 - 2018), Antalya/Turkey PRIVATE BİLGİ HOSPITAL - Psychiatry Specialist (2007 - 2014) AIR FORCE COMMANDER MILITARY HOSPITALS - Psychiatry Specialist (1997 - 2007) GÜLHANE MILITARY MEDICAL FACULTY - Psychiatry Specialization Training (1990 - 1995), Ankara/Turkey ISTANBUL UNIVERSITY CERRAHPAŞA FACULTY OF MEDICINE - Medical Doctor Education (1978 - 1985), Istanbul/Turkey Dr. Oka is a proud member of the Turkish Psychiatric Association and the Turkish Medical Association, ensuring that you receive the highest standards of care and expertise. Your journey to better mental health begins with Dr. Zafer Oka. Feel free to reach out to our welcoming team at MEDSTAR ANTALYA HOSPITAL, and take the first step toward a brighter, healthier future. Book your appointment today to experience compassionate, specialized psychiatric care like never before. Your well-being is our top priority, and Dr. Oka is here to guide you on your path to recovery and happiness.