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Dr. Zafer Oyman

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) · Prostate disease

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Medicana Bahcelievler Hospital

Istanbul, Türkiye







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Bahcelievler Merkez, Adnan Kahveci Blv. No:2, 34180 Bahcelievler/Istanbul, Turkiye


Dr. Zafer Oyman is an expert urologist working at the Medicana Bahcelievler Hospital, Turkey. He is considered a renowned name in the hospital for dealing with the prevalent problems in the male population, with erectile dysfunction and prostate-related conditions being some of them. Dr. Zafer Oyman graduated from the Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine and went to the same university to specialize in his field of interest. He is indeed one of the best doctors to look forward to when dealing with problems related to men. Erectile dysfunction is now a prevalent problem in men. Men are often seen to be shy to discuss these problems with anyone, but Dr. Zafer Oyman has such a gentle and empathetic approach that males feel comfortable in sharing all their problems with him easily. The same applies to prostate disease too. Even though older males are susceptible to deal with prostate-related diseases and conditions, sometimes younger males can also present with the same problems. Both erectile dysfunction and prostate disease are long-term conditions and, in some cases, require extensive treatment protocols too. For that, a man needs to comply with the treatment therapy strictly. Dr. Zafer Oyman is firm in his approach, and he makes sure that all the patients comply with his guidelines. He uses this approach because he is aware that success and recovery are dependent on his patients strictly complying with all the treatment protocols. Dr. Zafer Oyman is easily the best urologist present in Turkey, and his dedicated efforts have made him respectfully earn this title as well.