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Yonsei Sarang Hospital

Seoul, South Korea






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Top Specialties

  • Non-surgical therapy

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

  • Medial Branch Nerve Blocks

  • Degenerative arthritis

  • Lumbar Herniated Disc

  • Hallux valgus

  • Ligament tear

  • 3D PSI Arthroplasty

  • Radiofrequency Nerve Treatment

  • Unrelieved chronic pain

Contact Information

478-3 Bangbae-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, South Korea


Getting the right kind of treatment at the right time goes a long way in improving the lives of those struck with any illness. Any disease makes the sufferer feel hopeless and needs proper care and assurance that he/she will get the appropriate care and services out of any hospital facility. Keeping this in mind, Yonsei Sarang Hospital places high importance on ensuring that their patients receive the best care and have all of their needs met. High-quality machinery and instruments are available, helping doctors of this hospital reach a diagnosis a lot more efficiently. Gangnam Yonsei Sarang Hospital was established in 2003 and has come a long way by providing excellent services to its patients in the heart of Seoul, Korea. This hospital has catered to several patients with orthopedic problems. It has excelled in providing solutions that require advanced technology and modern sciences. From a total knee replacement surgery to stem cell treatment for arthritis, this hospital keeps reaching milestones in the world of medicine. This hospital performs several surgical procedures such as repair of ankle ligaments, prolotherapy, manual therapy, physiotherapy, extracorporeal shock wave therapy, and autologous bone marrow transplantation surgery. The best part about Gangnam Yonsei Sarang Hospital is that its services are not just limited to the people of South Korea. Instead, they treat patients from foreign countries like the USA, Russia, Vietnam, and Kazakhstan. Top specialties offered by the Gangnam Yonsei Sarang Hospital Gangnam Yonsei Sarang Hospital is known for its great approach to patients requiring surgery and a vast range of experts on board makes it one of the best places to get treatment from. Top specialties offered by this hospital include: • Carpal tunnel syndrome management • Lumbar herniated intervertebral disc treatment • The procedure of the medial branch block • Correction of hallux valgus • Radiofrequency nerve treatment • Carpal tunnel syndrome management Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition due to pressure on one of the nerves; the median nerve, on the hand's wrist. It can occur in people who play keyboard games on their laptops where their wrists are compressed continuously. This is a severe condition and can lead to numbness, weakness of the muscles being supplied by this nerve. This condition is critical to get treated. Otherwise, it hinders the normal functioning of the hand. Gangnam Yonsei Sarang Hospital correctly diagnoses the condition and manages it first through medications, like anti-inflammatory injections. This helps tone down the swelling, which can be a probable cause of the compression. An alternate way to treat this condition is through surgery, and relieving the pressure being exerted on the median nerve. • Lumbar herniated intervertebral disc treatment The spine is the essential structure as it carries the spinal cord inside its bony frame. It has several nerve fibres running through its course. The lumbar region bears most of the weight of the body. Therefore, it usually suffers from disc prolapse or herniated disc. If the lumbar area's vertebral disc has some of its content (nucleus pulposus) herniate out of its column. This herniation ends up compressing the roots of the nerve fibre. This condition can be linked with weakness of the lower limb as well as pain in this area. Specialists at Gangnam Yonsei Sarang Hospital are the best when it comes to diagnosing lumbar herniated intervertebral discs. They carry out X-ray and other diagnostic procedures for their confirmation. Then a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication is given to help with some of the pain and inflammation. After that, an X-ray is carried out throughout the surgical procedure to correct the herniation. • Medial branch block This is a procedure in which the medial branch is anaesthetized so that the region of pain can be diagnosed whether it is due to that particular branch. This can help determine if the joint's pain is due to problems in the articular surfaces or the nerve supply. Gangnam Yonsei Sarang Hospital applies the proper protocol standards required to carry out the medial branch block. The results obtained are then used to help diagnose the cause of pain or any other condition related to it. A team of experts is also available in this hospital to eliminate the risks involved in this procedure. • Correction of Hallux valgus Hallux valgus is a bunion or a joint deformity that connects the big toe to the foot. This deformity results in the bending of the big toe inwards, which turns red, swollen, and painful. This condition gradually develops and can have future complications if not treated properly. Some of the difficulties include bursitis and arthritis. Gangnam Yonsei Sarang Hospital makes sure to correct this deformity through its multiple procedures. The first and foremost approach to any patient with any deformity is his physical examination carried out by trained professionals. After diagnosing this condition through X-ray imaging studies, the patient is prepped up for surgery. They provide proper care by instigating a correctional surgery for the treatment of hallux valgus. • Radiofrequency nerve treatment This is a procedure in which there are radiofrequency waves that help in relieving off the pain. This ablation technique is a non-invasive technique that does not require scarring and allows the patient to get free from chronic pain. Gangnam Yonsei Sarang Hospital provides the ultra-modern services of radiofrequency nerve treatments. Patients who suffer from chronic pain (due to arthritis, lower back pain, neck pain) find themselves at ease after getting this procedure done at Gangnam Yonsei Sarang Hospital.