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    345 Plastic Surgery Clinic

    Seoul, South Korea



    All / Top Specialties

    • Non-Incisional Ptosis Correction

    • Canthoplasty

    • Eye Surgery

    All / Top Services

    • Eye Surgery

    • Two Jaw Surgery

    • 3D-CT Scan

    • SMAS Volume Elevation Facelift

    • Mini lifting

    • Small and Soft Cheeks Facial Contour

    • Small and Slim Square Jaw Facial Contour

    • Pretty and Clear Front Chin Facial Contour

    • Light and Fine Facial Lines Contour

    • Invisible V-line

    • Male Facial Contour

    • Pin Removal Surgery (V Line, Double Jaw, Cheekbone Reduction)

    • Autologous Bone Graft Aristocratic Surgery

    • Heart Line Light Lifting

    • Breast Augmentation Surgery

    • Small Sagging Breasts - Augmentation Mastopexy

    • Large, Sagging Breast Lift

    • Rhinoplasty

    • Mandibular Osteotomy Surgery

    • One-day Plasma Lifting


    About 345 Plastic Surgery Clinic All Faces of the World, 345 Plastic Surgery Basic shapes in the world comprise of triangles, squares and circles, and 345 Plastic Surgery considers all face shapes in the world. Building on the foundation of the beautiful triangle, the unique square and the harmonious round face shapes, continuously research and endeavor to create the most beautiful shape for each client. 345 NAMING STORY Shape is not fixed, but it is like a tied up string that can be pulled according to the client's desire which then becomes at times a beautiful triangle, at times a stylish square or at times a harmonious circle. The clinic's name and logo signify the know how to create the most beautiful shape through client connection. Three Four Five Plastic Surgery continuously researches and endeavors to create the most beautiful and harmonious shape customized for each and every client. 345 PHILOSOPHY Three Four Five Plastic Surgery Treatment Philosophy RESEARCH Three Four Five Researches Triangles, Squares, and Circles. 345 Plastic Surgery Clinic faces all facial concerns of the world. The clinics endeavor to complete patients individual beauty, reflecting their taste and opinion. EMPATHY Three Four Five is a Plastic Surgery Clinic that really knows the face well. Director Jong Lim Park, a facial 'bone' expert with 20 years of experience and director Han Kyu Nam, a 'flesh' expert with 12 years of experience, conducted research on Naturally Changing Beautiful Face' over a long period of time When bone and flesh changes are harmoniously done together, 'a long-lasting beautiful face can shine Even if you are in your 30s, 40s, or 50s, they will work together to create a beautiful face that changes naturally. CONCERN Three Four Five is concerned about client's concerns Three Four Five Plastic Surgery considers "What concerns will the client have?" Three Four Five Plastic Surgery's contouring and lifting surgery approaches to relieve anxiety about post-operative sagging and uses a variety of anesthesia methods to minimize pain discomfort. Remove unnecessary stiches so that its client can quickly return to daily life comfortably after surgery, and we help with recovery through a follow-up care system. 345 Plastic Surgery10 Differentiation System 345 Plastic Surgery Clinic strives to continuously research to move ahead and are always focused on its clients to provide the best treatments. Cooperative System of experts who know the face The face is made up of bones and flesh. Therefore, it is important to receive specialized surgery from 'bone' and 'flesh' experts. As the centers chief director, Kyu Nam Han has performed 10,000 surgeries. He is a flesh expert who understands the flesh' composed of muscle, fat, and skin well and has been solidified with over 3,000 surgical cases, anticipates changes in tissues due to aging or bone structure, enabling effective lifting for improvement and prevention of sagging. Experts in bone surgery' and 'lifting' make up 365 Plastic Surgery whose skills are in the top level in the country. 1:1 Customized Surgery System The 345 Plastic Surgery does not insist on any one surgical method or material. Dr. Jong Lim Park has experienced various cases and concerns at university hospitals, national hospitals, and large plastic surgery clinics and he has the skills to perform most surgical methods with familiarity. He believes that every client's case and concerns are unique There are various osteotomy methods for bone surgery such as osteotomy and turning but we do not mention which is best This is because the surgical method that suits each problem can achieve the best results, and the surgical method is the best one for the client. The types of lifting and other materials used are more diverse than any other plastic surgery clinic Dr. Gyu Nam Han understands the pros and cons of these various materials and can select the most suitable surgical method and material by anticipating each clients concerns, sagging and future aging analysis. He customizes each surgery, choosing a lifting material suitable for each situation, and varying the insertion area angle and incision area and scope rather than compromising on cost or a standardized surgical method. University Hospital Level Safety System Safe general anesthesia surgery is possible in the operating room using the HEPA filter positive pressure system that prevents the infiltration of external bacteria and viruses. The clinic has an inpatient room that considers the safety and convenience of the client so that its patient can recovery well after surgery and be discharged. Plasma ion sterilizer, UPS uninterruptible power supply system, and emergency equipment are equipped. In addition, an air purifier that removes up to 99.9% of bacteria is provided in various places and disinfection takes place every day to ensure cleanliness, comfort and safety. Anesthesiologist 24 Hour Resident System For safe surgery, safe anesthesia by an anesthesiologist is important, and good teamwork and communication between the surgeon and anesthesiologist is important. Anesthesiologists, who have worked with the two chief surgeons for many years, are residents and safely control all medical activities from anesthesia to local anesthesia. Sophisticated analysis system using the latest equipment The clinic has the most expensive and state-of-the an equipment that shows the highest resolution quality among existing equipment, so can accurately identify the bone structure and the location of nerves and analyze them. Client-focused medical system that controls through recovery 345 Plastic Surgery Clinic take great care of its clients recovery. Post-operative discomfort is minimized and unnecessary procedures are omitted so that the client can recover comfortably. Stich removal after contour surgery is performed using a light anesthetic to relieve the client's discomfort 345's lifting and breast surgery uses minimal incisions and derma bonds so no stiches need to be removed. During surgery, it does not excessively stimulate tissue or exfoliate more than necessary to minimize swelling to induce quick recovery, and you can receive a swelling-care program by a professional esthetician. Dedicated system for surgeons From consultation to surgery, hospitalization, treatment, and progress, its client receive treatment under the confirmation of the operating surgeon. And the operating surgeon listens to and resolves the client's concerns. Surrogate surgery relief system CCTV is installed in the operating room to record the entire process and proceed with the operation transparently. Courteous response system made up of experienced professionals. 345s staff are made up of experienced professionals who always take care of their clients They will treat clients with sincerity and respect Lifetime primary care system 345s operate a follow-up program for a better quality of life (QOL) for patients after surgery and take full responsibility for the results of the surgery.