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Turkey is one of the most popular tourist hubs in the world. It has beautiful scenery, breathtaking views, and an overall historical culture that attracts people from all over the world to itself. But apart from this, Turkey is also known for being one of the most progressive countries in the world. It might be a small country but the plans that it has are big enough. One can see from their development and planning that they do not only aim for higher but also work hard to achieve their goals successfully. The health care department of Turkey is just another proof of their developments. This department is also a modern and advanced one. One of the most popular hospitals present in Turkey is the Acibadem Adana Hospital, Turkey. The Acibadem Adana Hospital, Turkey is located in Adana, and is renowned for its best services and highest standards of health care and patient welfare. It is spaciously built and contains more than 100 beds, 28 ICUs, and about 6 Operation Theatres where their well-trained and highly qualified staff perform surgeries and minor procedures on the patients. These facilities allow several surgeries and procedures to be carried out efficiently at the same time. The overall environment of the Acibadem Adana Hospital, Turkey is built in such a way that it is patient-friendly and is also equipped with several modern and advanced diagnostic and therapeutic modalities. TOP MEDICAL SPECIALTIES OFFERED BY THE ACIBADEM ADANA HOSPITAL, TURKEY The Acibadem Adana Hospital, Turkey provides some of the best medical and surgical services to its clients. This is one of the topmost reasons why both local and international patients prefer to visit this hospital. It is because the Acibadem Adana Hospital, Turkey is easily considered to be an All-Rounder for providing the best solutions and treatments to its patients. Some of the popular specialties offered by the Acibadem Adana Hospital, Turkey includes: • HYPERTENSIVE HEART DISEASES Cardiovascular Diseases are an important cause of patient morbidity and mortality all over the world. Despite the human race advancing in nearly all walks of life, scientists have still not been able to find a reason to stop familial diseases from progressing throughout generations. Hypertension is another one of those diseases that run in the family. Even if a person is healthy and leads a normal lifestyle, if he has a family history of hypertension, he is bound to develop it at one stage or the other of his life. Hypertension is a chronic illness. Once it is diagnosed, it is there to stay. It could only be managed through medications and proper lifestyle changes. And this strategy is applied by the cardiologists present at the Acibadem Adana Hospital, Turkey. They do not just prescribe medicines to their patients and let them be. Rather, they push on their patients to make changes in their lifestyle and to act upon them if they are to stay healthy. • DIABETES In today’s world, people have adapted to unhealthy lifestyles. Partying out, having junk food, and not watching their calories is what people prefer nowadays. As a result, chronic and comorbid conditions like Diabetes have become prevalent in society. Just because these illnesses could be managed effectively through medicines and Insulin does not mean that a person should live life as recklessly as possible. If anything, extreme care and precautions should be taken to prevent complications from ensuing in a patient. At the Acibadem Adana Hospital, Turkey, doctors and endocrinologists make sure that a diabetic patient is taking care of his condition, is taking their medicines on time, and is doing all that he can to stay fit and healthy. This way, living with Diabetes could be an easily manageable task. • PARKINSON’S DISEASE Old age brings forth several degenerative diseases in a person. Many old people tend to lose their memory, some become immunocompromised, while others develop chronic, debilitating illnesses. Parkinson’s Disease is one of those diseases that can greatly hinder the performance of a person. It is a movement disorder and has a very serious impact on both the mental and physical life of a patient. Parkinson’s Disease is often diagnosed when it has progressed further in the course of the illness. At this stage, no treatment could prove to be fully curative. Therefore, only symptomatic treatment is given to the patients. At the Acibadem Adana Hospital, Turkey, the doctors make sure that not only supportive treatment is given to the patients but appropriate care is also provided to them. • LUNG CANCER Cancer is a major killer. The worst part about it is that Cancer is often diagnosed quite late. It usually comes to notice when the damage has already been done. Lung Cancer is considered to be the leading cause of cancer-related deaths in humans. It is often diagnosed late and then, a favorable outcome is usually not promised. Lung Cancer most commonly occurs due to smoking and tobacco usage. It destroys the lungs and makes them weaker and vulnerable. This alters their normal functions and the person, who depends on respiration - the most important function of a human body - has to ultimately succumb to the atrocities of the disease. At the Acibadem Adana Hospital, Turkey, there are qualified and skilled doctors available who are competent enough to take the appropriate steps at the right time to ensure the prolonging of the life of the patient. Although in advanced cases, the survival of the patient might not be promised, still adequate care could still work wonders for the patient. And in this way, the Acibadem Adana Hospital, Turkey is making sure that all the patients who come here are well-kept and treated in the best possible customized way. Their priority of working for the health and well-being of their patients is what has made their patients their loyal clients, who always prefer to come here for all their diseases and consultation sessions. Their Oncology Department has received much appraisal and appreciation from several people who have experienced getting treated from this hospital. And with this pace that they are progressing, it is already expected that they can very soon reach the unachievable heights of success and become even more advanced and competent than their competitors in the same healthcare sector.

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